About Graffitifrämjandet

Graffiti art is often referred to as the world’s largest art movement. There is a lack of knowledge about this art form in Sweden, despite its great worldwide popularity.

Graffitifrämjandet (The Graffiti Promoters) works to improve the status of graffiti as an artistic expression and to spread awareness about graffiti, street art and related artistic expressions on a local, national and international level.

To make this possible we reckon a need for interfaces between artists and audiences. First and foremost, we want legal walls in all Swedish cities. Graffitifrämjandet is also working for the development tolerance polices in Swedish cities, policies that includes graffiti, street art and similar expressions as a welcome feature of the public realm, and as means to counterbalance corporative interest.

Contact us at info@graffitiframjandet.se